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Titanics - Beacons

Titanics - Beacons

Aug 20, 2012

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After several days of heavy streaming, it's about time I shared Original Series,  the latest EP by New York-based Titanics. To get an idea of what Titanics is about, take the dreamy keyboard work and obscure lyrics of Youth Lagoon and blend it with a tall, abstract glass of chill that's been marinating in a cabin somewhere.

Biggups to Mark Lombardo, the 22-year old responsible for the guitars, synths, keyboards and percussion that enliven Original Series. I'm a fan of all three tracks on the EP, and decided to share "Beacons" because it's a lovely little electronic tune that got me through the work week in one piece.

It seems that for every EP that catches the world's attention, plenty more slip through the cracks. Be sure to support Titanics and check out Original Series in its entirety if you like what you hear.

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