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Titus Waldner - Wires Crossed
Aug 30, 2021
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Why do we like this?

With subtle hints of R&B, Titus Waldner's "Wires Crossed" is a clear winner for me. It's delectably smooth and with a good helping of funk, it's absolutely moreish.

Known for crafting music that's very polished, this German musician has managed to pull off a feat I thought impossible. English and German lyrics tango for the spotlight and when the German comes to light, a sense of romance becomes strikingly apparent. This is genuinely the first time I've been able to hear the beauty of the German language and it's such a joy to experience.

Speaking to the track, Titus explains that "Wires Crossed" is about “two people who haven't seen each other for a long time, and despite often getting into awkward situations, enjoy and appreciate being together."

The music video brings the artist's effortless quirk to life and by the time the bridge rolls around, the listener is able to pick up on the fusion of quirk, funk, ease, and beauty — the qualities with which Titus creates music.

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