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Tom Rosenthal - Jim and Dwight
Jul 28, 2020
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Why do we like this?

I suggest we make this the new anthem for Scranton, PA, since this song is filled with references to The Office(just be careful to watch out for spoilers about the TV sitcom).

In this song, Tom Rosenthal says once you can love your neighbor and those different from you; we can all get along. There’s an honest and meaningful message behind what at first seems like a silly analogy.

For context: Jim and Dwight are characters in the TV show, The Office, who are co-workers at a paper company. They pull pranks on each other, disagree often, and seldom get along. However, they also have moments where they are pulled together, show kindness and look out for one another.

Here’s an example in the lyrics. This part of the song points to the jokes Jim often pulled on Dwight, while simultaneously pointing to the larger picture that we can still show love and compassion. “Your love was an ever-moving thread / You always kept us coming / That's what she said / You took pleasure in each other's misery / But those pranks were a cover for a synergy / Oh, the hugs were rare but they were true / And when I look at them, I see a bit of me and you.”

The whole tune is remarkably cute, quirky, and suitable for pop culture nerds. In addition to The Office, Rosenthal makes references to Harry Potter, Titanic and The Simpsons.

Even if this track wasn't about one of my favorite series, I would still love it. At the core, it’s a catchy, folky tune that creates a peaceful mood.

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