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Jun 21, 2012
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Yesterday Flosstradamus tweeted that people are already calling trap/trap house a fad, "Calling it the next dubstep or whatevs. Fuck all that nerd shit, let's just have fun, damn!" (@flosstradamus)

He's half right. It is stupid nerd shit to start calling out a new movement before it gets a chance to move. If trap is the next big thing, can you really sit there and deny that the beats are killer? Are you really going to tell me that I should feel ashamed for wanting to grind every time I hear this squishy ishy drop? Yes, dubstep took on a life of it's own -- and I'm not even going to get into that Skrillex debate -- but who the H cares? People are having fun and the world needs as much of that as it can get.

Now, what is a fad? Something that rises real quick like blood, and spreads through the underground like wildfire, then smokes the mainstream out of their houses who are forced to listen, at which point they exclaim, "Holy crap! This is fun." But a fad also connotes that it fades as quickly as it rises. OK. But why in the world it is then taint to the taste pallet, I have no idea. Musical elitists are to blame, no doubt!!

If you still have no idea what I'm talking about, I'll leave it to Diplo's creation, Mad Decent, to define a genre. Out on the sub label Jeffree's comes this little intro to trap by their newest secret, UZ. He's making it real easy for us to define trap, and it's a steadily growing monster. Check out the whole 4track EP, here.
TNGHT - Goooo
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Disclosure - White Noise (Hudson Mohawke Remix)
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TWRK - Living Room
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The Soundmen - With You (Ft. Rai Knight)
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