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Valley Boy - Sad Girl
Jan 21, 2021
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Dating someone with a history of bad exes has its challenges. Experiences from past relationships can sneak into our current ones. That’s something Valley Boy knows all too well, and remarkably expresses it in their new song “Sad Girl.”

“Sad Girl'' is all about falling for someone who is used to being treated poorly. The heartbreaking yet romantic lyrics bring the listener through that relationship. The lyrics explain what it’s like to try to make someone feel happy when they are only used to sadness. (Like the lines, “I wanna love you but you’re sad girl / and you’re in love with being that girl / and i make you smile a little too much”. )

Hypnotizing drum beats lure you in, and electric guitar riffs and smooth vocals keep you hooked. Soft yet spirited vocals pour from the singer and only grow stronger as the song gains momentum. “Sad Girl” is definitely a slow burn, but the build-up is worth it.

By the end, I couldn’t help but wonder how such a passionate and heavy sound comes out of only two musicians. But maybe that’s something that makes the song even more impressive.

If you enjoyed this tune, keep an eye out for the duo’s debut EP. (This song will be on it!)

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