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Vanessa Van Ness - The Early Bus
Nov 18, 2021
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Why do we like this?

I'm finding Vanessa Van Ness' "The Early Bus" a little difficult to write about, to be honest. I initially fell for it based on the sound and nothing more. I listened, I loved. Simple.

It's something of a neo-psychedelic landscape, tied together with the perfection that is the female indie vocalist, knotted through with sounds that beg the heart to open, and lastly, hung around the listener's neck with absolute comfort due to the ineffable quality that begs for a song to be played on repeat.

However, if one digs a little deeper into the material from which the song coalesced, that is where the difficulty to write about it comes into play. Vanessa Van Ness unharnessed her vulnerability and it poured to form "The Early Bus." Describing it in her own words, she says it's:

"A sentimental neo-psychedelic indie pop song about my brother getting hit by a car when we were kids, and about our family taking an early bus each day to visit him in the hospital over a span of six months.

The accident happened on November 11, 1994, and unfortunately left him permanently disabled; the release date (the day after November 11) is intentional, and is an attempt at closing a chapter."

Following suit, let me close off this blog post; though I am ill-equipped to do so with the poignancy of this Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist. So, I shall wish you well and humbly petition that time be set aside to listen to this beautiful song. I do hope you enjoy it; thanks for reading.

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