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WaTa - Desert
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Feb 19, 2022
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Sounds like: Caribou, Bonobo, Tycho
Why do we like this?

In general, instrumental tracks allow the mind to do with them whatever it wills — there are no words to steer us in any one direction. As a result, the mind goes wherever it has come from and lands wherever it goes — beautiful really.

WaTa's "Desert" is no different, it allows my mind to just be with it. Nothing to contemplate even — all it wants to do with such high-quality music is to enjoy it. And so, it does. Wobbly bass, circular melody, and compelling percussion give the track a little extra spice and all come together beautifully, which points towards the flair of the artist behind it all.

WaTa is a Hungarian artist who has his roots in classical music, growing into Hungarian underground hip-hop, and now into a wide range of genres. His Facebook bio reads "putting pieces together to confuse people. sometimes it sounds good too!" I'd agree with the first part if "Desert" hadn't chilled me out to the point of near-zero thoughts, and who can be confused if all thought has been hushed? But the second part of that is definitely true: it sounds so very good.

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