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We Are Trees - I Don't Believe in Love

We Are Trees - I Don't Believe in Love

May 02, 2011

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We Are Trees just followed up their Boyfriend EP with a fitting Girlfriend EP, released in early March. The five tracks of indie rock love ballads involve break ups, love, and Colorado.

The duo, James Nee (vocals, bass and guitar) and Josiah Schlater (drums and percussion), got help from their former violinist Rocky Capizzi

on the first three tracks, but Nee is the true mastermind of We Are Trees. He's the band's frontman, and he also wrote and produced the entire EP.

The lo-fi crooners resemble the awesome combination of Grizzly Bear, Beach House, and Fleet Foxes, with folk tendencies and dreamy vocals. Nee has a whimsical way of portraying heartache and regret in songs like "Girlfriend." The light pounding of deep percussion combined with airy guitar is the perfect backdrop for the repetitive lyrics: "Talk to me, girl, I never wanted it to end this way with you."

Girlfriend comes full circle with the closing song, which is arguably the best, "I Don't Believe in Love." It's filled with hatred, discontent, and an overall "I'm over it" attitude. The percussion has more depth and Nee's voice is a little more rigid: "It starts with a kiss, but ends with a bitch. I don't know why, I put myself through all of this I just want to say goo bye."

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