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WET - Old Bone
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Sian Eleri
Sian Eleri
Feb 25, 2019
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Picture this -- you're 13, sitting in the back of your family’s Peugeot 406 estate gazing pensively out the window, tracing raindrop tails with your right hand as your left clings on to your Walkman, longing for the journey to be over. You put on a track to escape the noise, pretending you’re in a music video that perfectly captures your moody ‘nobody-understands-me’ sense of self, and find this -- this is it.

This is the soundtrack of your life.

That’s what this new WET track does to me. It brought back memories long forgotten -- a pre-pubescent me in cars imagining what heartbreak must feel like, and for a split-second, believing I could feel it. Whilst I hope this track doesn’t conjure anything near as embarrassing for you as my own memories, it’s a rare gift to find a newly released track that evokes nostalgia in such a poignant way. I just love it.

The Brooklyn-based trio have really out-done themselves with this one, and it’s an excellent follow-up to their sophomore album Still Run, released last year. This records’ B-side, "Trust No Man – Acoustic" is also worth a listen if you’re a more pop-leaning Gabrielle Aplin fan.

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