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No Regular Play - Takin' U Back (Ft. Eddy Pirax)
Apr 26, 2011
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On my way home from work, I listened to this album in preparation for my review. On this bus ride, there was this hipster dude rocking some sweet grey and black stripes, his feet seemingly tapping to the DJ-Kicks beats I was sporting. Instantly, my fantastical brain jumped to the entire bus breaking out in synchronized dance, elderly included, and a disco ball flashing in the center. But alas, my feet just kicked it solo on a non-existent dance floor, head slightly bobbing.

Even though my ear buds failed to will an entire city bus into a flash dance-esque fiesta, New York's Wolf + Lamb and Bostonian Soul Clap surely are having success in more appropriate venues. The two east coast duos teamed up to put together a two-disc compilation of songs featuring solid housey disco-lounge beats. The release includes originals by both groups as well as some remixes, also featuring tracks by other artists such as uber-talented Nicolas Jaar. Lengthy looping intros heard on Soul Clap's "Extravaganza" last year are heavily represented, the tracks suavely climaxing.

"Lonely C," featuring Charles Levine by Soul Clap, is a definite jam; the garbled, slightly off-beat vocals are supported with subtle, repetitive bass lines. The track was chosen for a music video competition by !K7, the winning selection portraying a solitary man who dresses up as a robot to go to a house music party. Now, I have to say: judges, what were you thinking? Not to be critical, because robots are awesome and everything, but in my unabashed opinion, there was a clear winner over the man/bot submission: Nils Clauss' story (shot in South Korea) of twin brothers and sisters desperately burying unrequited lust for the other:

This DJ-Kicks release is not revolutionary. However, it is strong and delectably flirtatious with disco-house and electronic beats, making a great dance party for all (just maybe not on the bus). These four hombres are the kind of artists you see and just want to chill with for an evening. It just so happens to be your lucky day, because Wolf + Lamb vs Soul Clap are on tour now, and I would imagine they won't disappoint.
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