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Yeasayer - Ecstatic Baby
Dec 31, 2019
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Why do we like this?

Already broke my New Year's Resolution of posting a song every day... Plus, this track debuted in May of 2019, so I'm behind in every way.

Please forgive me.

Ironically, I'm posting my favorite song from Yeasayer a few weeks post-breakup announcement. Consider this a farewell review. That's right, after thirteen years of being together and five album releases, the Brooklyn trio is splitting.

I remember first hearing "O.N.E." in 2010 (when indie was at its prime), and loving their use of several eclectic elements ranging genres. I didn't know how to categorize their sound, but I knew I liked it. Artists like Yeasayer, Animal Collective, and Neon Indian attracted me to the umbrella of indie because their productions spawned a feeling within me that I still search for when I hear new indie releases.

Anyways, let's commemorate Yeasayer by enjoying this track!

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