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Young Unknowns - Target Practice
Kenny Abdo
Kenny Abdo
Oct 19, 2012
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Sounds like: Wye Oak, Little Dragon
Why do we like this?
In a world where it is deemed necessary to flop around stage like two drunken frat bros (RIP LMFAO) and wear dresses of raw meat to draw attention to your "˜art,' you'll find it hard to pick out the real, true blue artists. I'm talking about the folks who make it on their own volition with pure, uncompromised talent.

That rarity "” that comfort of knowing music is still thrilling without the half-truths and dumbed down pandering "” is found within the Brooklyn based band Young Unknowns.

The five-track EP, You Are A Young Unknown, strips it right down to the basics; solid riffs, poignant lyrics, and very minor effects. But to call it basic is not at all truthful in definition, because it takes that simplicity and uses it to make something much more powerful. It's like wearing a big, stupid mouse helmet, but not.

Meredith Meyers lays it all out for you in these five tracks: lyrics, story and voice range. Again, nothing flashy is utilized -- but it doesn't have to be. She's telling stories, from "Target Practice" to "Evening Stars," she makes you want to sit there and listen until she's done. The confidence in her singing is enough to make the statement volumes louder than you originally perceive. Within five tracks, you'll be hooked.

The state of the music industry might be on an uncertain path, but with this EP, you'll do just fine being a Young Unknown.
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