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Yum Yuck - Icicles
Oct 07, 2015
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Why do we like this?

So, you're the lead singer of a big rock band and you want to break out on your own solo career? Here's the bad news: everyone's going to be comparing you to your main band. And here's the good news: if you pull it off, you've proven that the first time wasn't just a fluke.

Some obvious successes come to mind: Julian Casablancas, Thom Yorke, Beyoncé and Sting. Chances are I don't even have to mention their original bands - you just know 'em.

Okay, back to the task at hand. Who is Yum Yuck? Well he's Pascal Righini, the lead singer of The Plastics. While the band may not have massive global name-brand of those aforementioned groups, they certainly have solid recognition in Cape Town and South Africa. So rest-assured, there'll be quit a few people who are keen to hear what he can do on his own.

"Icicles" comes as our first taste of that venture, a lo-fi psychedelic track that has grown on me with each successive listen. The layering and quality are impressive for a one-man-act, though that's possibly owing to a little bit of help from Thor Rixon (who assisted with production). 

Either way, the single goes to show that Pascal is an incredibly capable musician - whether with The Plastics or on his own. Clearly, I'm keen to hear what comes next.

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