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Sep 1, 2019

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Good Workout Songs
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Good Workout Songs

Tags: Featured, house, dance, Electronic

Last updated: September 1st with m o a d.

So, you're looking for some good workout music. Songs that will replace those anabolic steroids and whey powder to keep you exercising harder for longer. Put down that needle, this playlist is the only juice you need to exercise to.

There are two main qualities that we feel are essential for a top workout song to have: energy and swagger. They are necessary in tandem, and too much of one without a positive bump in the other would definitely throw off the delicate balance here.

If you work out to psytrance or techno, that's good for you. There are way less harmful ways to trick your brain into momentarily thinking your body isn't tired anymore. 

This here workout playlist has songs that move at a nice tempo: Nothing Incredibly Crazy or Extra -- aka nothing too fast, because that leads to running too quickly and isn't an efficient way to use your charge. 

A lot of the selections contain a particular house skippy-ness which will lend some swagger. That said, nothing gives human beings that "I'm feeling hot" strut like hip-hop, so expect some urban contemporary tracks Jackson Pollock-ed throughout.

I'm so buzzed I wrote a poem as a closer:

Red Bull gives you wings
then this
might do that too
likely not.
You probably
wont enjoy the gym
To be honest
exercise is mostly good for
what comes afterwards.
If that's how you
then this playlist is for you,
instead of actually working out
just listen to this,
buy one of those informercial ab vibrators
and let these songs do
the working out for you.

Foolproof abs for the smart customer! 

Cover photo by Dylan Heneck.

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