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Sep 20, 2019

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The Dinner Party Master Playlist
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The Dinner Party Master Playlist

Last updated: September 20th removed songs.

The Dinner Party playlist is one that can be played during most situations of daily life. However, we wanted to tap into a one particular time where we could all use a bit of assistance. 

In-between having to go to the shops, prepare food, and serve guests who has the time to put together a meticulously crafted playlist. It may seem counter intuitive to use anything pre-made at your dinner party, but we all know you're not making your own pesto, so just use ours.

These songs are laidback, they're smooth, and hopefully not too catchy that guests are distracted from conversation. We've always felt that impromptu boogies are welcomed pretty much whenever, and so there are some songs which, once the wine gets flowing, might get you up on your feet.

Not all dinner parties are alike, and so if this collection isn't the right mood make sure to check out our other featured playlists below.

Cover photo by Dylan Heneck.

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